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In Person & Virtual Workshops

We provide a variety of workshops in person and virtually. Our workshops have a variety of topics and covers a broad spectrum of needs.  Some are available for purchase to view after they have happened, please check the ones you are interested in.  

Enjoy our Wellness Series Workshops for FREE, led by our LMHCA, Jasmine McCarthy.  

Wellness Series Workshops

Wellness Series Workshops

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All-levels yoga and meditation for adults to develop connection to and appreciation for one’s body, mind, and overall self. Led by Jasmine McCarthy

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Self-Care for


Somatic Stress

Nature Breathing.png

Nature Breathing/
Preserving Positive Moments

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Managing Stress
During Difficult Times

Workshops Page Icons-02.png

Effective Communication With Your Teens

Workshops Page Icons-03.png

Managing Anxiety
& Depression

Workshops Page Icons-04.png

Talking To Your Child About Sex Stuff

Workshops Page Icons-05.png

Positive Parenting With Toddlers & Preschoolers

Workshops Page Icons-06.png

Managing Postpartum Life For The New Mom

Workshops Page Icons-07.png

Mandala Drawing

Workshops Page Icons-08.png

Anxiety & Depression In Adults and Kids

Workshops Page Icons-09.png

Helping Women Learn to Resource Themselves

Workshops Page Icons-10.png

Helping Women Get Intimate With Their Pleasure

Workshops Page Icons-11.png

Managing Your Child's ADHD Behaviors

Workshops Page Icons-12.png

Parents Guide To Planning For Summer

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