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In Person & Virtual Workshops

We provide a variety of workshops in person and virtually. Our workshops have a variety of topics and covers a broad spectrum of needs.  Some are available for purchase to view after they have happened, please check the ones you are interested in.  

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All-levels yoga and meditation for adults to develop connection to and appreciation for one’s body, mind, and overall self. Led by Jasmine McCarthy

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Self-Care for


Somatic Stress

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Nature Breathing/
Preserving Positive Moments

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Managing Stress
During Difficult Times

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Effective Communication With Your Teens

Workshops Page Icons-03.png

Managing Anxiety
& Depression

Workshops Page Icons-04.png

Talking To Your Child About Sex Stuff

Workshops Page Icons-05.png

Positive Parenting With Toddlers & Preschoolers

Workshops Page Icons-06.png

Managing Postpartum Life For The New Mom

Workshops Page Icons-07.png

Mandala Drawing

Workshops Page Icons-08.png

Anxiety & Depression In Adults and Kids

Workshops Page Icons-09.png

Helping Women Learn to Resource Themselves

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Helping Women Get Intimate With Their Pleasure

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Managing Your Child's ADHD Behaviors

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Parents Guide To Planning For Summer

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