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Counseling services are available  via telehealth or in person depending on the provider.  


Hi, I am Camille Hereth, a Certified Counselor (CL 60267779) who specializes in working with women and families.  I have been a counselor for over a decade, and have worked primarily in social services and high risk populations with a lot of postpartum work weaved in there as well. A lot of my training has been on trauma, postpartum mood disorders and human sexuality.  I am also a certified parent coach through the evidence based parenting program, The Incredible Years and provide parenting classes to families.


 I use motivational interviewing, narrative therapy, mindfulness and an overall holistic approach in working alongside women in helping them find balance in all areas of their life.  I am  solutions focused when I work with individuals and will recommend other healing modalities such as aromatherapy, reiki or supplements .  As well as being a counselor, I am trained in reiki and like to incorporate that into sessions periodically to help with relaxation techniques, reduce somatic responses in the body, and alleviate stress when there simply aren't enough words to do so.  All of the areas I have listed as my area of expertise I have a deep personal connection with, either from personal or professional experience and am so happy every time I support someone in those areas.  I am trained in trauma informed care and am seeing clients in person or via tele-health.  

A little bit about me personally....I am a mom to three boys, two of which are neurologically diverse, and have found a lot of joy in helping them learn how to overcome the challenges that come with that and find their "super powers" because of it too.  You will find me reading, painting, camping and gardening in my down time.   

60 minute sessions are $100 and 90 minute sessions are $135. We do not take insurance however many insurance companies provide a reimbursement to individuals at a rate between 60%-90% of the cost of each session. We accept HSA and flex spending cards.

Camille  Works with Women Who...

  • Have children who are neurologically diverse

  • Identify as highly sensitive and/or an empath

  • Are experiencing Post Partum Depression or Post Partum Anxiety

  • Struggle with PTSD

  • Would like support pertaining to sex or intimacy

  • struggle with self worth, and taking care of themselves

  • Experience parental overwhelm and stress

  • Burnout or Compassion Fatigue

  • Experiencing a spiritual awakening and is seeking guidance

I currently have immediate availability for new clients 

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60 minute sessions are $125 and 90 minute sessions are $185. We do not take insurance however many insurance companies provide a reimbursement to individuals at a rate between 60%-90% of the cost of each session.  We accept HSA and flex spending cards.

Hello, I am Cherise Benson, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (MC612466663).  My counseling style is warm and personal, drawing from person-centered, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, existential, and narrative approaches.  I believe that many difficult emotions, like anxiety or anger, signal an unmet need or unhelpful thought pattern.  I can help you identify these underlying causes and provide support as we work through them together.  I am not afraid to tackle hard topics and difficult challenges with teens and adults, and can offer solution-based tools as we work together to meet your goals.  


I am particularly passionate about supporting parents who are navigating the difficult life transitions that naturally accompany parenthood–whether that be in the early stages of trying to conceive, after a baby is welcomed to the family, or during times of divorce and separation.  I also find it rewarding to help individuals learn to manage their anger in constructive ways that respect their needs and improve their relationships. I am well-versed in grief and can provide a safe place for you to name and honor your losses.  If you are struggling with substance abuse, I can help you walk towards wellness and overcome the vicious cycle of trauma, helplessness, and shame.  Whatever hard things you are facing, I want to come alongside you and provide compassionate support.  I have a passion for providing postpartum support for women and am in the process of expanding my education in this area.  I am meeting with clients via telehealth with the option to meet in person soon. 

When I am not working with individuals, I enjoy nerdy board games with my husband, reading and drawing with my kids, and junk food and Netflix after bedtime.

I currently have immediate availability for new clients ages 13 years up to adult men and women

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60 minute sessions are $100 and 90 minute sessions are $135. We do not take insurance however many insurance companies provide a reimbursement to individuals at a rate between 60%-90% of the cost of each session. We accept HSA and flex spending cards.

Hello, my name is Maribeth Darst-Curran.  I am a Certified Counselor with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice as well as a Masters in Psychology.  I have been working with youth and children, primarily within social services for almost 20 years!  It is something I am passionate about and really enjoy doing. I primarily work with school age and adolescent youth and help teach the school age and teen parenting classes and am trained in several evidence based parenting programs including The Incredible Years and Triple P which I provide for families through WFWS. 

My work experience with youth and families has included a lot of advocacy, strength building and a goals based approach.  For many years I've worked with adults to learn stress management skills, use Smart Goals for progress in difficult areas, increase parenting skills (using the Incredible Years Program) and access community resources to improve quality of life.  I have a passion for working with kids with Autism as well.  I also have experience as a Child and Family Specialist Case Manager where I helped support and advocate for parents within the educational system with 504 Plans, IEP and any other support needed.  Additionally I assessed developmental needs for children ages birth to 18 and create developmental plans.  I am knowledgeable of McKinney Vento Laws and have experience coordinating with parents and youth and educational institutions to support academic achievement.  

Other noteworthy areas of training are in Domestic Abuse, Resiliency Training, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing, and Adverse Childhood Experiences Training (ACES).  

I am meeting with families in their homes and via telehealth.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with your family! 

I currently do not have openings

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60 minute sessions are $125 and 90 minute sessions are $185. We do not take insurance however many insurance companies provide a reimbursement to individuals at a rate between 60%-90% of the cost of each session. We accept HSA and flex spending cards.

My name is Jasmine McCarthy and I am Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (MC61194391) with a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and double Bachelor’s in Psychology and Sociology, with an emphasis in Women’s and Gender Studies. I have been working with diverse populations of children, young adults, and families for seven years in both community and school settings.

I am trained in individual, group, and family counseling and my grounding in a strength-based, person-centered, holistic approach has aided me in building effective and meaningful therapeutic alliances. I compassionately meet my clients where they are at and intentionally draw techniques from motivational interviewing, somatic therapy and stress release, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, expressive arts, narrative therapy, existential therapy, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TFCBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), love and logic, cognitive behavioral intervention in schools (CBITS), and reality therapy. Supplemental to talk therapy, I am also a certified trauma-informed yoga instructor, meditation teacher, and reiki practitioner.

I am passionate about assisting others in their empowerment of remembering and reclaiming their energy, power, and infinite potential. I assist children and adults to build and maintain a mind-body connection that allows for regulated responses to life events and authentic connection with self and others. I believe that humans vacillate between operating from regulated and unregulated states, triggered by various obstacles including environmental match to temperament, trauma, and biological patterns formed to adapt to past traumas throughout generations. Through your commitment to the process of compassionately identifying and untangling unhelpful beliefs that have served purpose in the past, I will explore your goals with you in depth as we walk through the stages of change together and navigate feelings of safety, symptom reduction, and hope in every session.

When I am not working, I am most likely to be found painting, dancing, leading yoga and meditation practices, and exploring the beauties of nature.

I currently have immediate availability for new clients ages 6yrs up to young adults

Coming Soon to WFWS

A Spanish speaking Certified Counselor providing services to teenagers and adults.

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