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Parenting Classes

Women and Family Wellness Studio offers in home or online parenting classes for parents of children with all ages.  The curriculum is based on the age of your child; Babies, Toddlers ,Preschool, School Age or Teenagers. These classes offer a holistic approach

to parenting, where we identifying the strengths in your child, you, and your relationship with your child, and establish how to achieve your goals based on those strengths.   

Enrollment is now open for ADHD & ODD Group or 1-1 Parenting Classes.

Mother with her Child

We Help Parents Who...

  • Want to do things differently than their own parents

  • Have children with challenging behavior like tantrums, biting, yelling, not going to bed when asked or staying in bed, not following directions.

  • Are frustrated with trying the same thing over and over and it isn't working.

  • Have children that struggle to handle their emotions.

  • Want to do it better but don't know how.

  • Have strong willed children who don't follow directions.

  • Want to improve their parent-child relationships.

  • Want help and don't have a lot of time.

  • Has a child with a diagnoses of anxiety, ADHD, ODD, or Autistm and wants help learning how to parent that child. 

ADHD & ODD Parenting Classes

 Class Info

Parenting classes are intended to be one-on-one with the parent(s) to allow us to focus on your unique needs. ​We also run group online classes when there are 5 or more parents at a time interested in starting classes.  



( birth up to 8 months )



( 8 months up to 3 years )


Preschool/School Age

( 3 years up to 9 years )

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Later School Age

( 9-12 years )

WFWS Icons-17.png


( 13-18 years old )

What will classes include?

Parenting classes are provided by therapists who have years of experience working with families and children.  Classes are provided in your home or online to offer convenience for parents and allows us to focus on the unique needs of your family.


Weekly 60 minute sessions remotely via video conference.  


Interactive workbook and weekly worksheets.


Material specifically tailored to your family.


Phone, text and email access with parent coach while working together. 

If the parenting classes don't seem the quite the right fit for you we also offer parent training workshops that you can attend live, or purchase the recordings.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Here Is What Our Clients Have to Say...

“The part of the program that was most helpful to me was the leader of the group, she was very helpful.”

- J.A. - Past Baby Class Participant

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