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Parent Training!

When Kids Feel the Big Feels, and How You Can Help Them

Mother and Child

In the video training you will learn...

  • effective strategies to teach children how to positively manage big feelings such as mad, sad, frustrated, angry, excited.

  • how to do this through child directed play.

  • how to label emotions and teach children to do this, implementing systematic praise and rewards to decrease the challenging behaviors you want reduce.

  • Techniques for parents to stay calm when their kids isn't.

More Information 


Once the training is purchased it does not expire so you will have unlimited access to rewatch.

trainng coming soon-74.png

A follow along guideline, a worksheet for identifying challenging behaviors, and a reward chart.

trainng coming soon-73.png

A promo code is included for access to discounts on other CMC services.

Here is a little clip of Camille teaching one of her group classes!

In this class you can see an example of how Camille holds space for each parent to share their questions and concerns. She spends time teaching parents how to establish and effectively communicate boundaries with their child and what might work best for the individual family. 

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