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Evaluation, IEP and Child Care Consultations

Evaluation Meeting Consultation


Taking the step to have your child evaluated for learning disabilities or behavioral disorders can be a scary time for parents, and kids.  Often times emotions can bog down the ability to fully take in information in moments when critical thinking is necessary, such as evaluation summary meetings.  This can leave parents feeling frustrated afterwards, wishing they had another opportunity to ask questions, give feedback, and advocate for their child once the information has set in.  Many parents don't even know what questions to ask.

I have years of experience in supporting children and families through the evaluation process, and follow up support that is consequently needed such as creating an IEP to meet the child's needs at school.  I can support your family through evaluation meetings by offering quick, critical thinking and navigate asking clarifying questions that will help parents better understand information that is being presented to them.  Based on diagnosis being given, I can help clarify with the assessing professional what behavior intervention techniques will be helpful for parents to introduce (or continue to do) at home.  This is critical for children, because some simple behavior intervention techniques can make a world of a difference for guiding a child's behavior.  The specific techniques can be uniquely tailored to meet your child's needs, based on what is shared at evaluation summary meetings.  Getting clarification with the diagnosing professional, and a professional parent educator can offer very concrete next steps that you can start at home that day for helping your child.

If you are interested in learning more about having a parent educator available to advocate for your child, contact me for a free consultation call.


IEP Meeting Consultation  For many families, the evaluation or IEP process can feel overwhelming.  A parent educator can help provide direction for behavioral accommodations that need to be made based on prior evaluations that have been completed.  A parent educator will work to ensure that the accommodations are relevant, applicable, and as congruent as possible with what the parents are doing at home so that the child has consistency.  A parent educator will help advocate for your child as a neutral part of the team, working towards what is best for your child's success.  

If you are interested in learning more about having a parent educator available to advocate for your child during IEP meetings, contact me for a free consultation call.  

Child Care Center Consultation  

When you hire a parent educator for a child care center consultation, you will have that person in the classroom providing hands on guidance, direction and coaching.  This is very different than any training staff may attend, because it is hands on experiential learning.  Hiring a parent educator to work with child care staff in the classroom can help increase retention rates for children, reduce stress and overwhelm with staff and parents, and increase classroom peace and harmony.  This is a win-win for everyone.  Staff will not only learn how to work more effectively with challenging behaviors they currently have in the classroom, but learn tools to use in the future with all children.

Here are a few shocking statistics:

  • A survey done in 2004 and 2005 showed that the national average expulsion rate was 6.7 per 1,000 kids enrolled in pre-K programs. (Washington’s rate was even higher, 7 to 10 expulsions per 1,000.)

  •  Boys were expelled at more than 4½ times the rate of girls, and African Americans were expelled at about twice the rate of preschoolers of European descent.

  • The overall prekindergarten expulsion rate was more than three times higher than in K-12.

If your child care center is interested in a consultation from a parent educator, please contact us.  

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